War for Athelay

War for Athelay is a turn-based strategy game where you send units into procedurally generated arenas to fight enemy units. The game was released in April 2020.

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Main Features

  • 7-8 units each with their own look and playstyle, including unique special abilities.
  • Hex based arenas with different terrain, elevation, weather, and environmental elements that impact strategy.
  • Rogue-lite system including procedurally generated arenas, random units, and unit permadeath.
  • RPG elements including gaining experience, leveling your units, and obtaining new abilities.
  • City locations where you can enlist new units, purchase items, and allow your units to rest and recharge.
  • Maintain your unit’s happiness to make sure they are giving it their all in battle.
  • Units can be sent out on quests to receive rewards.
  • Put your mind to the test in this turn-based strategy game and defeat the enemy units.

What will you choose in order for your team to obtain victory in battle?